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The new smart heating oil meter

olive is the service for users of heating oil that is designed to ensure members never run out, remain smart and alerted AND save money.

Simple to use and install olive will be a great add on to your oil customers and can provide you with additional revenue from the sale of the olive units, their installation and our exclusive olive installer club!

olive installer club benefits:

  • olive club membership
    access to the website and an overview of every installation
  • Exclusive rewards
    points awarded for each olive installed AND oil purchased *
  • Service reminders
    Link installs to service dates – reminders for both installers and customer
  • Customer reminders
    Every customer sees your details when they login
  • Company profile
    listed on the website for new customers
  • Promotion
    Exclusive access to olive promotional material
  • Access to sales leads
    olive installers will receive leads generated from our website and marketing activity

How does it work?

Installation is quick and simple – attach an olive Sensor to your customer’s oil tank, plug the olive Hub to their home broadband supply and off you go. Members then simply login to their account at and see their oil usage in easy to read graphics and displays.

Installation of the olives for customers will be charged according to your fees, however we estimate it should take no longer than 20 mins. When combined with services or planned visits the opportunities to make additional revenue are even more!

Register as an installer

Register for free as a member of the new olive Club you will be able claim rewards for all your olive smart sensor purchases as well as special trade prices.

Every time you register an olive using the serial number and completing all required information, you will be rewarded with points.

Installers start as a Registered Installer and points are gained for every olive you install. Gold installers are also entitled to points on heating oil purchases made by customers.

Build an olive customer base and earn money.

Free no obligation installer registration available now.


What do points mean?

Collect enough points to receive a free olive = worth RRP £120.00.

Switch to olive and relax

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  • No ongoing fees
  • No contract
  • we can even manage your oil ordering needs!
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See what our customers are saying..

"A well thought through product that allows for greater visibility of usage, excellent customer service from the team, feel like someone is interested in my needs."

"Really easy to use, has really helped us monitor our oil usage and saved us money."

"We are really enjoying using olive, quite amazing how much oil we are using each day and we are not even in wintertime just now!"

"Wow - just saved over £40 on one order. Thanks!"

olive benefits

Save money

get a great heating oil price in your area...

Never run out

no more estimating when your tank is empty, dipping sticks or relying on LCD plugs...

Be smart

olive will give you the power to understand and manage your home's oil usage...

Be alert

olive will report any delivery, theft or leak to you within seconds...